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The kids’ vacation may be coming up soon, and are you still undecided where to go for a family vacation this year? No need to panic as we have shortlisted a beautiful Southeast Asian country as your next vacation destination. Malaysia, a not so far off country from India, offers some amazing natural beauty  attractions. Malaysia, known for its beaches and rainforests, is a mix of various cultural influences from India, China, Malay and Europe. This beautiful country is a dream destination for many Indians, and if you are thinking how can I apply Malaysia visa online then we have listed the following steps for you to make your job easier for applying for a Malaysia visa.

The immigration department of Malaysia established the visa of Malaysia in January 2016. Citizens of countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Serbia, and Montenegro are eligible for an e visa to Malaysia. The e visa for Malaysia is valid for a period of three months for multiple entries, after which the visa expires.

For a Malaysia visa online you need the following documents, which need to be scanned and uploaded along with the application for visa.

  • Passport with validity for atleast six months.
  • Recent passport size photograph taken within three months with a white background without a border or frame is needed. The passport size photograph must be a studio photo only and no selfies or scanned photographs will be allowed. The photograph must be according to the specifications listed on the website, such as the length and breadth of the photo. The photograph also must display a full-face front view with eyes open. The head should not be covered except for religious purposes. Eyeglasses are permitted, but the photograph should bear no reflection of the glasses whatsoever. Sunglasses or other such glasses, which hides the eyes completely, are not allowed. The photograph must meet the requirements and standards laid down by the Government of Malaysia, or else you might face a rejection in your visa application process.
  • Scanned copy of the passport’s front and back page.
  • Your confirmed tickets (going and return), as well as your itinerary, is necessary.
  • In case of the minor applicants, a scanned copy of the birth certificate is required.

The application form must be duly filled with all the correct information. Once successfully applied, you will get a confirmation message within 12 hours on your registered email id or on your cell phone number. Make sure to check details again as per your ticket and passport and edit if required. You cannot make changes once the payment is made. Once the payment is made, you get your Malaysia visa.

With the above guidelines, you can now apply Malaysia visa online and make your dream of visiting Malaysia come true. You can now enjoy the beauty of Malaysia with family and friends and take back home some wonderful memories.

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