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A large number of tourists flock to Malaysia for its exotic beaches, dense rainforests, multicultural presence, beautiful islands, and the sumptuous Malaysian delicacies. Some may go for employment reasons or higher studies. An Indian who wants to travel to Malaysia due to whatever reasons must obtain a Malaysia visa If you are thinking of how can I get Malaysian visa there are two ways for an Indian to get a Malaysia visa. One is the manual way, and the other is through the online application process.

Manual visa application – In such a type, you have to personally visit the one-stop centre, closest to you, established by the Malaysia Government. These centres are present in only three Indian cities namely, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. You must pay the fee for the Malaysia visa application form. Once the form is filled and submitted, you have to pay the service charge of the OSC and the visa fee that amounts to INR 4720/- through a demand draft.

E visa – Indians can also avail the benefit of procuring a Malaysia visa online by clicking here Government of Malaysia had started the online visa facility in 2017 to make the process easier for the Indians wishing to visit their country. You can download the form, fill it, and submit it with the necessary supporting documents. These documents are-

  • A passport with 6 months validity, having two unused pages for the entry and exit stamps
  • Passport-sized photo that must meet the specific requirements laid down by the Malaysian government
  • Copies of the tickets including the confirmed return tickets,
  • An itinerary,
  • Bank statement of the last 3 months and
  • A proof of stay.

There are four types of Malaysia visa for Indians which is listed below-

Step 1) Single Entry Visa– A single entry visa gives you permission to stay in Malaysia for a maximum period of 30 days. You cannot extend your stay beyond 30 days. You cannot use this visa to re-enter Malaysia even if you plan to visit it within the 30-day period. You need to apply for a visa to enter Malaysia.

Step 2) Multiple Entry Visa – A multiple entry visa is valid for duration of 30 days to 90 days . Within these 6 months, you  can travel to Malaysia several times.

Step 3) eNTRI visa – If you are planning for a very short stay in Malaysia, this would be the ideal one. The validity of this visa is 15 days and is available only to a citizen of India.

Step 4) Visa on Arrival – You cannot avail a sif you are flying from India to Malaysia. An Indian citizen can get a Malaysia “visa on arrival” only if he/she is entering Malaysia from Indonesia, Singapore, or Thailand .

We hope the above information on how to get Malaysia visa for an Indian citizen will help you in a better way. Once you get the Malaysia visa, you can fly to Malaysia and come back with memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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