Malaysia, a wonderful place to visit as it has Dynamic cities, fabulous food, beautiful beaches, idyllic islands and national parks with wildlife-packed rain forests. It’s is so diverse in geography, culture, religion, history and food. Here’s more on why I love traveling Malaysia. Those who are traveling with an Indian passport often find it hard to get a visa to travel internationally but fortunately recent up gradations will now be easier to get a Malaysia Visa for Indian Citizens!

There is only two-way process to get a Malaysia visa for Indian Citizens, either the process of anMalaysia eNTRI or eVisa or via the visa application centres in India. It is also possible to get a visa on arrival but only in certain circumstances.

Indian citizens who want to visit Malaysia for up to 30 days (1 month) can do so by applying for a Malaysian Visa cost . The validity for e visa is only for 3 months that is of 90 days from the issuing date. Malaysia e visa should be applied by you at least 2 weeks before the departure to Malaysia.Since 2017, the Malaysian government offers a special online visa and that is only available for citizens of India. If there is an Indian citizen, Indian passport holder wishing to travel Malaysia, should be encouraged to apply for a Malaysia e-visa.

To apply for a Malaysia e-Visa from India you will need the following documents as mentioned below:

  • Passport with atleast 6 months of validity. 
  • A confirmed return flight ticket to India, Singapore, Thailand, or Brunei.
  • e visa printout.
  • Boarding pass.
  • An identity card with a clear photograph.
  • Proof of sufficient funds during your stay.
  • Proof of accommodation.


You will need to present these documents at the immigration check points when arriving in Malaysia.

It has only three steps:

  1. The first step is to fill the required details.
  2. The second step is to revise the above mentioned step and proceed with the payment.
  3. The last step consists of a questionnaire and uploading of the photo. It is at this point you need to upload scan passport. Documents are required but as for personal circumstances , it is optional.Then, Malaysia eVisa is received by email in PDF format. Embassy will not play any kind of role in this.You just need to have all the required documents and apply while introducing the required data.

It is applicable for more than one person, and to add more persons there is an inbuilt option of ADD NEW APPLICANT in the application form and completing the data required. A notification will be sent soon to verify whether the Malaysia visa is ready or not.

Required documents to arrive in Malaysia:

  • Printed Malaysia eVisa in PDF format.
  • Better to carry Cash, Debit or Credit Cards which covers all the expenses
  • Return flight ticket.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Invitation letter from the host.


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