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Malaysia visa for Indian Citizens

Malaysia has been a cup of coffee for India to visit this place. Due to its proximity to India and pocket-friendly cost, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of Indians visiting Malaysia and applying visa for Malaysia. The business enterprise Department of Malaysia estimates that by 2020, approximately one million tourists will be visiting India.

Malaysia visa for Indians is a systematic process but once it is approved then Malaysia has acknowledged this as well and responded by easing restrictions on Malaysia visa for Indian citizens. Hippie in heels is a travel start-up which wants to convert all your visa expense into travel expense.

Any visa you apply with them you get 100 percent money back of your visa fees that you’ll be able to use on their portal to book the flight, activities and other hotels valued at eligible prices. And not solely that, they have offline connections with hotels &activities throughout Malaysia. I had chosen “FRASER PLACE KUALA LUMPUR” for my keep and therefore the on-line worth was federal agency half-dozen,500 per day, But after emailing them, I got the same hotel at INR 5300 from them.

With hippie in heels, I was able to get it at 1700 per person including lunch. But you need to raise them for providing you with these rating. This article can notify you very well regarding Malaysia tourist visa, Malaysia visa scams, Malaysia visa cost, document requirements for Malaysia visa as well as how to apply for Malaysia visa from Asian nation while not obtaining it rejected.

There are two ways you apply for a Malaysia Visa from India, either manually through the consulate or through online application. If you choose to apply for visa manually, you have to visit the OSC (one-stop centre) established by the Malaysian government. If you are journeying to Malaysia for a short trip for social visit or as a tourist, it is much more convenient to apply online for a Malaysia Visa online

If applying manually you have got to follow a protracted and tedious procedure as described:

  • Firstly you need to visit the Malaysia OSC closest to you.
  • Then, you need to pay a fee to get the visa application form.
  • After filling up the form you need to stand in long queues to submit the form and other documents.
  • Pay the OSC service charge and visa processing fee through a DD
  • After completion of the visa it can be get collected.
  • You will get your visa once 4-5 operating days.
  • A better methodology of getting a Malaysia visa would be through applying for associate e Visa.
  • An e Visa for Malaysia has been offered to Indians since March 2017.

You can apply for a social visit or a tourist visa online. The three types of e Visas are single entry visa, multiple entry visa and e NTRI visa. However, we recommend that you opt for , a trusted expert in Malaysia visa applications.

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