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There are a number of places to visit in Malaysia that will leave you amazed and surprised. Malaysia is full of attractive sights and that makes it as a popular tourist destination. You will be able to see both manmade and natural beauties in Malaysia. You will be able to shop to your heart’s content and enjoy the place’s vast islands and forests. Malaysia tourism is getting more popular by each day because of the attractions that Malaysia offers.

Another reason behind the popularity of Malaysia as a travel destination is its affordability. You can visit Malaysia in a budget-friendly way. However, you must make sure to carry Malaysia tourist visa to ensure your stay in Malaysia is hassle-free and in legal terms. If you do not have a valid Malaysia tourist visa, then you might be seen as an intruder in the country and legal actions might be taken against you. You should thus carefully complete the visa obtaining procedure to get your tourist visa of Malaysia. If the process seems to be too complicated to handle by yourself, then you can get in touch with reliable websites and agencies that will make your Malaysia visa application process easier in exchange for a fixed amount of money.

There are numerous tourist attraction places to visit in Malaysia and some of those places are mentioned below.

Petronas Towers: 

The twin towers of Petronas are the tallest towers in the world. There are 88 floors on the towers and it is also the headquarters of the company Fortune 100 that happens to be the biggest company owned by the state in Southeast Asia. The amazing towers are built using steel, concrete and glass and are astounding pieces of beauty that are constructed by Cesar Pelli, an architect of Argentine origin. If you are planning to visit these towers, then you should head towards them early in the morning. The earlier you get there is the better. The tickets available for the Sky Bridge Tour are limited and a lot of people stand in the queue from almost 6 am.


Langkawi islands provide another beautiful destination that you can enjoy in Malaysia. You will find the tranquility of nature here. The place consists of 99 islands in the sea of the Andaman. You can take a relaxing stroll across the beach of the islands and enjoy the beautiful sea. You will be able to witness grand sunset as the sun will seemingly go down into the sea. You can also enjoy the greenery, forest cover and mountains on the island. You will be able to taste various local cuisines here as well.

These are two of the most attractive tourist places that Malaysia offers. You can also enjoy the Sunway Lagoon, Aquaria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Center and various other attractive places. Ensure to make a list of places you want to visit in Malaysia and plan your trip accordingly.

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