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Malaysia eVisa is an online visa service through which all visitors are eligible and wish to apply for an Electronic visa to visit Malaysia with an easy process. Malaysia eVisa application is fairly applicable for the only citizens of China, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia and Montenegro nationals. Malaysia eVisa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and a validity of staying is 30 days that can start from  the day of arrival in Malaysia.

To begin the application process, all applicants have to register an account to manage your application from the Malaysia visa application centre. All eVisas are required to be in A4 format white printout and all eVisa holders are mandatory to show at the immigration checkpoint in Malaysia. The success of approving visa mainly depends on the important factors. It also depends on the country for which you are applying and what identification proof you have. 

So, here we mention 5 mistakes that one needs to avoid for a successful visit to Malaysia.

Not following the visa rules strictly:

Malaysia eVisa application form can get rejected if we do not follow the visa rules strictly. Even if they accept, they may ask for additional documentation or eventually get the visa denied. If a visa is usually granted for 30 days, then never try to show a 45-day itinerary and just simply ask for 45 days visa.

Showing return/onward travel by bus/train/boat:

You should never show boat or train ticket as proof of return to the visa officers Always show your flight tickets as return proof. Visa officers never verify the bus/train/boat tickets, but they can verify flight tickets if they need to. So, the most acceptable ticket is the flight ticket return/onward travel. You do not need to actually purchase your return/onward flight tickets for visa application. 

Showing an incomplete itinerary:

Consulates would like to see a complete itinerary. They wish to see the itinerary beginning and ending in your home country or country of residence as per the rules. A complete itinerary should be just like Home-Destination-Home or Home-Destination 1-Destination 2-Home.

 Showing a long itinerary:

Always show a short itinerary. An itinerary of 15 days or less is more realistic. If you get longer than 15 days then the visa officers may raise questions such as why you want to stay for more number of days and what is the solid reason behind that? If you show a long itinerary, you may be asked for additional documents for the proof such as leave approval letter, NOC letter from your employer or proof of additional funds in your bank account.

 Mentioning about friends/relatives in the foreign country:

Do not try to mention that you know someone out of the country. If you do, then the visa officers may ask that how you know this person? You may even be asked to submit the ID proof, employment letters or even bank statements of the person you know. If asked, simply say that you do not know anyone in this country. You are going there as a tourist to visit and explore the country.


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