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Visa on Arrival

Many Indians fancy Malaysia as a great tourist destination. And why not? Malaysia offers some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes to admire.  If you also want to witness its natural beauty, then you must have a visa. Indians can apply for a Malaysia e visa directly from the website, and with correct documents, they can get a Malaysia visa without any hassles. There are various reasons, such as the purpose of your visit and the duration of your stay, which determine the type of visa you apply for. Malaysia visa is of four types, namely – single entry visa, multiple entry visa, transit visa, and “on-arrival” visa. Some Indians, however, rely on “on-arrival” visas, but we have listed some of the reasons why relying on visa on arrival is not a good idea.

An “on-arrival” visa is an entry permit given when a person arrives in a particular country. It works in the same way as a visa that is obtained prior to arrival from the home country. Similarly, a Malaysia “visa on arrival” is the permit you get when you arrive in Malaysia so that you can stay in the country. After finishing the immigration formalities and paying for the visa, the immigration officer will put a stamp of approval on your passport, giving permission to stay in the country for a fixed number of days. It is to be noted that Malaysia offers “on-arrival” visas to a very limited number of nationalities and under certain circumstances only.

Indians relying “on-arrival” visas can be a bad idea as it is highly expensive. The processing fee of a Malaysia visa on arrival is 100 USD, which is significantly high as compared to the single entry or multiple entry visa fees. The cost for a normal e visa for a stay of 30 days is approximately 4000 INR and 2400 INR for a single entry visa.

Indians can obtain a “visa on arrival” in Malaysia only if they are entering from Singapore, Thailand, or Indonesia. If you are already vacationing in these countries, only then can you rely on “on arrival visa” otherwise, it is of no use.

“On arrival visa” in Malaysia comes with certain rules and regulations. One such rule is that you have to deposit 1000 USD to prove that you have enough money to travel and stay in Malaysia. When you apply for a visa in the normal way, no such rule applies, and you need not carry any minimum amount of cash with you.

“Visa on arrival” in Malaysia is valid only for one week. If you intend to stay in Malaysia for a longer time, then an “on arrival” visa is not useful to you. Moreover, you are not granted any extensions too.

Well, these reasons clearly justify why relying on arrival visa is mistake. It is best for an Indian to go for a Malaysia e visa or Malaysia eNTRI visa. The Malaysian government has made the visa application process simpler to promote tourism in the country.


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